Kite Wei's fourth-generation inheritor Wei Guo qiu: an endeavor of a life time

"Children return home in haste after school, Eager to fly kites when there is yet wind." Flying kites has been one of the favorite leisure activities of Chinese people since ancient times. 
A Visit to Huo Qingyou's "New Year Pictures Museum"

This river has been flowing quietly for thousands of years, spanning the north and the south and fostering the peerless Great Canal culture. A myriad of richly endowed towns emerged on her way. 
An Exclusive Interview with Xiao Guisen— Representative Inheritor of the National Cultural Heritage of Conjuring

"This way...higher...this way..." We had hardly reached the door when we heard the voice of Xiao Guisen.
Third-Generation Inheritor of Frog Spitting Honey: Understanding the Limits of What I Can Do Holds Me in Awe and Veneration
"Fry a piece of dough and a piece of sugar, and you get 'sugar drum' without holes, 'sugar cover' with one hole, 'sugar ring' with two holes, 'sugar knife' with three holes

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