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Spanish Cuisine in Beijing

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Guajia Valley Villa

The Guajia Valley Villa covers an area of about 5 square kilometers, 20...[more]

Pebbles Courtyard

Pebble Courtyard is located inside Wudaoying Hutong and mainly offers...[more]

Yongdinghe Drifting

Originating from Guanting reservoir, Yongdinghe gorge is...[more]



Shuanglong Mountain

Shuanglongshan Forest Park is located to the northwest of the Ming Tombs...[more]

Puerta 20

San Sebastián or Donostia is a coastal city and municipality...[more]

Beihai Park

Beihai Park located in central Beijing, is one of the oldest...[more]


Glut Yourself with Theatrical Entertainment

There are references to theatrical entertainment in China as early as 1500 BC during the Shang Dynasty; they often involved music, clowning and acrobatic displays. Beijing has many theatres which stage amazing performances such as Peking Opera, drama, and acrobatic shows every night. The laurel theatre goes to the National Centre for the Performing arts (NCPa) which consists of an opera house, a concert hall, a theatre hall, and an auditorium....[more]

Bright lights Big City

as a modern city, Beijing boasts a colorful nightlife. Visitors who come to Beijing from far away may suffer from jet lag. Why not spend a sleepless night indulging yourself in the bright lights and music beats? a cup of vintage wine in one of Beijing’s bars will help relieve your pressure and tiredness. If you are sick of the heat during the day, you can tour Beijing during the night...[more]

Wanglaoji vs. JDB

Wanglaoji vs. JDB

The confusion and debate for the unassuming battle of Chinese herbal tea domination in the beverage industry is predicated on the trademark legal case between the two seemingly same but different companies[more]

Legends of Beijing

The Legend of Beijing Dim Sum

Beijing Dim Sum

Cantonese for "heart s delight, " dim sum includes a variety of small, mouth-watering dishes such as steamed or fried dumplings, shrimp balls, steamed...[more]


Get to Bashang Grassland in Mulan Paddock from Beijing

Bashang Grassland

Bashang Grasslands in Mulan Paddock is the nearest prairie destination from Beijing It have long been one of the ideal sites to escape the city s summer...[more]

Chinese Culture

Mid-Autumn Festival


In mainland China, locals enjoy a day off for the festival which usually falls on a weekend In Hong Kong and Macau, people also enjoy one day off, however[more]

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