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Enjoy Winter Cusine in Beijing

Enjoy Beijing

Beijing Travel Strategies

Tourists traveling to Beijing must want to experience different kinds of social...[more]

Tiger Mama

Quietly opened by a pair of friends from Macao, Tiger Mama combines...[more]

Historical Relics Day Tour

Those dwelling in Beijing will never need think about how to travel...[more]



Grand Canal

Zhangjiawan Ancient City was built in Ming Dynasty. During...[more]

Colores Cafe & Bar

Unimpressive restaurant hidden in the hutong, where is an altogether...[more]

Junyongguan Hiking

To appreciating the spectacular snow fall, some of my friends decided to go...[more]



Antique Hutongs and Ancient Parks of Beijing

A three-day tour of the entire city of Beijing is not possible, but touring some of its spotlighted areas where you can deeply soak yourself into the amazement of the imperial city must be something worth a try. Surrounding the Forbidden City are various historical sites for you to go to, including antique hutongs and ancient imperial parks. Some sites like the Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Nanluoguxiang...[more]

Imperial Palace, Royal Garden and Red Leaves of Beijing

During the three-day tour of Beijing, you still have lots of attractions to visit such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Beihai Park, Fragrant Hills, Jingshan Park, the Great Wall and so on. In this season you may wish to savor the juice of autumn in this historical and gorgeous city when you only have three days staying here. Now the most recommended sites for you now are three: the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace...[more]

A Place to Relax

A Place to Relax

It’s Friday again. Are you tired after a busy week? Then you need a place to enjoy some relaxing time. A place that you can leave everything behind. Chaoyang Park is the very place you’re looking for.[more]

Legends of Beijing

Longxucai (Motherwort) in the Temple of Heaven


According to the legend, there used to be a vegetable plot where the Temple of Heaven was built. It is said that the motherwort...[more]


How Should I Pack Alcohol on a Flight?

Pack Alcohol

The last thing anyone wants to discover when they open their suitcase is a pile of wine-soaked clothes or glass shards from alcohol...[more]

Chinese Culture

Nanpi Laozi

Nanpi Laozi

Laozi is very well received by the Nanpi natives since it was created by themselves. According to legend, it has a history of more...[more]

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