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Hotel Recommendation in Tianjin

Apart from enjoying the splendid sports, the tourist city Tianjin also provides various options for city trips, culture travel and sightseeing. At the same time, Shangri-La Hotel would assure you a comfortable stay in this city. [more]

Special Offers at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin

Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin has introduced two seasonal offers in celebration of the start of autumn, including 3 sets of moon cake boxes and seafood buffet lunch. [more]

Draw a Moon-shaped Fan for Yourself

China has been dubbed the "kingdom of fans" for many years. As many fans were decorated with paintings, poems or calligraphy, they were not only tools for cooling, but also symbols of status and taste in art. [more]


Waldorf Astoria Beijing offers great beef dinners

Beef Tuesday and Lobster Wednesday, a special dining program offered in parallel by Waldorf Astoria Beijing's two restaurants. [more]

Sunny Day Comes to Beijing

After the week-long heavy rain, Beijing turned sunny yesterday. [more]

Seasonal Tastes Offers You International Cuisine

Seasonal Tastes is an international restuarant in a five-star Westin Chaoyang. [more]


Beijing Shopping Mall Brings U Wonderful Watches

Beijing's landmark shopping mall SKP, along with eight high-end watch brands, has unveiled an exhibition of luxury watches.[more]

Presser for 2017 Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night held in Beijing

A press conference for the 3rd Global Diplomats' Chinese Cultural Night was held on Aug. 16 at the Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to China.[more]

A Close Contact with Chinese Culture

Sixty-five students from 23 countries are visiting Beijing to experience Chinese culture on a tour of the country organized by the Bureau for External Cultural Relations of the Chinese Culture Ministry.[more]

Legends of Beijing

Discover Beijing's Culture at Imperial City Art Museum

Inside the Imperial City there were: all the city departments, palaces, temples, warehouses and gardens. The defense and service functions were perfect in the city.[more]


Beijing Bus System

A brief introduction of Beijing bus system.[more]

Chinese Culture

Xing Kiln Museum in N China

Xing Kiln was one of porcelain production places in ancient China.[more]

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