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The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum was commissioned by the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yong Le...[more]

Twin Windmills

Twin Windmills is opened at the east gate of Beijing Forestry University. Named after the coffee ...[more]

Shentangyu Natural Scenic Area

Shentangyu Natural Scenic Area, located within Huairou District and 65 km from ...[more]


Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall was officially opened to tourists in 1958. It is a section of the Great Wall opened earliest...[more]

Jazz. Ya

With four branches in Beijing, Jazz. Ya has been a celebrity around Beijing and popular ...[more]

Italian Farm at Shunyi District

As you drive along the Jingmi Road, your eyes will be suddenly caught by a picturesque...[more]


Glut Yourself with Theatrical Entertainment

There are references to theatrical entertainment in China as early as 1500 BC during the Shang Dynasty; they often involved music, clowning and acrobatic displays. Beijing has many theatres which stage amazing performances such as Peking Opera, drama, and acrobatic shows every night. The laurel theatre goes to the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) which consists of an opera house, a concert hall, a theatre hall, and an auditorium....[more]

Bright Lights Big City

As a modern city, Beijing boasts a colorful nightlife. Visitors who come to Beijing from far away may suffer from jet lag. Why not spend a sleepless night indulging yourself in the bright lights and music beats? A cup of vintage wine in one of Beijing’s bars will help relieve your pressure and tiredness. If you are sick of the heat during the day, you can tour Beijing during the night...[more]

Visa (Not) Accepted Everywhere in Beijing

Contrary to what many foreigners think before arriving in Beijing, cash and China UnionPay are king in Beijing. So for visitors coming for a visit, consider the following advice about Beijing’s accepted methods of payment...[more]

Legends of Beijing


It would be a shame to pass up on douzhi in any discussion .......[more]


Tips for Beijing in Spring

Officials predict that many tourists......[more]

Chinese Culture

Stinky Tofu

Tofu has always had a place on Chinese tables.It’s estimated ....[more]

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