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Winter scenery of Summer Palace in Beijing

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Park ice rinks open to public in Beijing

People have fun on Kunming lake ice rink in the Summer Palace in Beijing, capital of China [more]

'Face ticket' at train stations

Railway stations in Beijing is now equipped with cameras on their automatic ticket checking machines that capture an image of a passenger's face and compare it with the photo on their identity cards. [more]

When Western movie stars meet Spring Festival travel

A Sina Weibo user with excellent photoshop skills, @Qinghongzaolegebai, on Jan.20 posted a new series in which Western movie stars are cut and pasted into photos of China's Spring Festival travel rush. [more]


Spring Festival to see nearly 3 billion trips

The world's largest annual human migration, the Spring Festival travel rush, will be even larger this year. [more]

Festive images get makeover

Pictures have traditionally been used by the Chinese to mark the Spring Festival as a symbol of good fortune. [more]

Happy Spring Festival! 23 panda cubs send holiday greetings from Chengdu

23 panda cubs send holiday greetings from Chengdu [more]


Temples to Make New Year Wishes

It is a tradition that make new wishes in temples for Chinese people, especially when it came to festivals. As the most important festival - the Spring Festival approaches, temples become much more popular than before.[more]

Let's Get Ghoulish: Beijing's Halloween Countdown

From gruesome e-cards and glowing pumpkins to fancy dress parties and sanguine cocktails, Halloween is celebrated in Beijing with ever-growing enthusiasm. As an excuse to paint the town red and indulge fetishes for masks, wigs and all manner of gory paraphernalia, the annual horrorfest is obviously great value. However, despite the symbols, rituals and stories, few of the revelers, be they Chinese or expat, truly understand what and why they're celebrating.[more]

Why Do We Love Beijing? The Reasons that You Can’t Deny

Have you been tired of busy life? Are you looking forward a poetic life in distance? May be your answer to these questions are yes, but why you still stay in Beijing? The below information may give you an answer...[more]

Legends of Beijing

Festival checklist holiday do’s and don’ts

The eve celebration is the most important, when families congregate to eat a traditional feast, or nian ye fan.[more]


New Year's menu gets royal touch at McDonald's

McDonald's has launched a new menu featuring elements inspired by Chinese royal names.[more]

Chinese Culture

Red packet: On social media and in history

As Chinese Lunar New Year draws near, a busy yet happy period of "grabbing red packets" on smart phones is coming too.[more]

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  • Folk is Fashion! Festival kicks off in Beijing
  • Folk is Fashion! Festival kicks off in Beijing
  • Folk is Fashion! Festival kicks off in Beijing
  • Folk is Fashion! Festival kicks off in Beijing
  • Folk is Fashion! Festival kicks off in Beijing

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