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8 Great Restaurants for Foodies

Enjoy Beijing

The Summer Palace

Being the largest and most well preserved royal park in China, it greatly ...[more]

Moka Bros

Beijing’s trendiest new restaurant, Moka Bros has traces of hotspots like Wagas...[more]

Tanzhe Temple

Tanzhe Temple, named because of Long Tan (Dragon Pool literally) at...[more]



The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Despite the hundreds of buses that visit daily, the Great Wall at Mutianyu is not...[more]

Ricci Café

Ricci Café is a good new after-school hangout in the heart of the university ...[more]

Appreciate TCM When Travel to Beijing Suburbs

Aicaotang is located in Yanqing County with an area of...[more]


  • July 10-11
  • The 3rd Beijing International Ballet & Choreography Competition
  • July 26
  • Linkin Park's July 26 Beijing Show

Glut Yourself with Theatrical Entertainment

There are references to theatrical entertainment in China as early as 1500 BC during the Shang Dynasty; they often involved music, clowning and acrobatic displays. Beijing has many theatres which stage amazing performances such as Peking Opera, drama, and acrobatic shows every night. The laurel theatre goes to the National Centre for the Performing arts (NCPa) which consists of an opera house, a concert hall, a theatre hall, and an auditorium....[more]

Bright lights Big City

as a modern city, Beijing boasts a colorful nightlife. Visitors who come to Beijing from far away may suffer from jet lag. Why not spend a sleepless night indulging yourself in the bright lights and music beats? a cup of vintage wine in one of Beijing’s bars will help relieve your pressure and tiredness. If you are sick of the heat during the day, you can tour Beijing during the night...[more]

Following China’s Women’s National Team’s in the 2015 Women’s World Cup

Following China’s Women’s National Team’s in the 2015 Women’s World Cup

For those of you old enough and who followed women’s soccer, or the Women’s World Cup for that matter in the ‘90s, you may remember the Chinese team being quite a powerhouse[more]

Legends of Beijing

Top Universities in Beijing

Top Universities

Since you’ve traveled hundreds of miles, you certainly need to read thousands of books Beijing boasts abundant culture and education resources, top...[more]


Where to Buy TCM?


Beijing Tongrentang was founded in 1669 to provide medicines for the royal pharmacy of the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty for 188 years In 2006,...[more]

Chinese Culture

The Story Behind Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat...

Dragon Boat Festival, also known Duanwu Jie, falls on the fifth day on fifth lunar month of every year and since 2008, has been considered[more]

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