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Winter is the Season for Temples

Enjoy Beijing

Beijing Travel Strategies

Tourists traveling to Beijing must want to experience different kinds of social...[more]

Yunnan Folk Cuisine

This stylish Yunnan restaurant based on Shanghai cuisine offers a stunning menu of unique, high ...[more]

Enjoy the Snow

If it snows, what will Beijing look like? One word, I suppose. Beautiful! Where can you enjoy the snowy...[more]



Mangshan Forest Park

Last weekend, we hold an off line activity that including hiking in the Mangshan National Forest Park. As..[more]

Jiumen Snacks

Located at the north side of Shichahai Area, Jiumen Snacks is founded by Beijing Snacks Community. ...[more]

Yanshou Temple

Located at the northwest of Beizhuang Village, Yanshou Town, Changping District, Yashou Temple is...[more]



Indoor Activities for Travelers in Beijing

Jingdong Great Limestone Cave, located east of Heidouyu Village in Pinggu District, 90 kilometers away from downtown Beijing,is worth your trip. With beautiful natural landscapes, it has been reputed as “The First Cave on Earth”. And inside the cave, you can experience dozens of amazing views...[more]

Ideal Places to Escape the Heat This Summer

Yudu Mountain is located in northwest of Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic in Yanqing District, extending over 100 square kilometers. From No.101 national highway, it connects with Yuhai Road. This area is situated in remote mountains that enjoys marvelous scenery and quiet environment.Yudu Mountain is a beautiful landscape...[more]

What’s to Do in Beijing’s Winter?

What’s to Do in Beijing’s Winter?

1 SightseeingThough it is not so vibrant as spring or summer, Beijings winter has offers you many places to visit like the Forbbiden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Hutongs and many city parks.2 EatingWinter is a...[more]

Legends of Beijing

Stories of the Red Snail Temple

Red Snail Temple

Speaking of the stories of the Red Snail Temple, we cannot forgot the founder of it----Fotucheng, who was quite mysterious when he...[more]


More public toilets demanded for females

Public Toilets

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China has issued a new standard for urban public toilet design, as World ...[more]

Chinese Culture

The Point to Reform of RMB

Reform of RMB

The recent deprecation of the yuan reflects Beijing's move toward a free floating exchange rate system, after the central ...[more]

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