Wandering in Mountains and Rivers, Enjoying a Cool Summer

The Beijing suburbs in summer are not only beautiful, but are also great summer resorts! Here, you can find lush trees, gurgling streams, amazing waterfalls, and a variety of fun activities... The wild flowers and fruits everywhere make the Beijing suburbs picturesque

Come to the Wetland Parks in Beijing for a Cool Summer

Time flies, even before you are aware of it, Xiaoshu has passed for 10 days and Dashu is coming , the hottest summer of the year is really on its way! When the high temperature strikes, you may always feel like somewhere beautiful and a cool to calm down

Come to Beijing Suburb Resorts for a Cool Summer

Beijing Suburb Resorts are either located in mountains and by rivers, or with idyllic and poetic style, or with picturesque scenery of ancient charm, combined with their unique cultural heritage, all displaying their attractiveness. 


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