For most individual tourists, metro or subway is an irreplaceable option in the course of travel. Line 1, Beijing’s first metro line built in 1971, passes through Tian’anmen Square, the Palace Museum, the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the National Museum of China, and other iconic spots of the city.

Next Station: Tian'anmen West

Get off at Tian'anmen West station, you will be presented a complex of landmark buildings of Beijing. 

Time for Spring Outing in Parks

With gentle breezes and warm sunshine all around, spring is embracing Beijing now. 

Museum Tour with Beijing Subway

Conveniently located subway stations of Beijing provide easy access to most museums. 

National Theaters Inherit Chinese Culture

The National Center for the Performing Arts is the dream palace for Chinese performing arts.

Shopping along Subway Line 1

For foreign tourists, the most famous business district in Beijing is surely Wangfujing business circle. 


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