As Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is gradually approaching, numerous indoor and outdoor winter sports venues and carnivals are launched to promise visitors an exciting winter in Beijing, in order to experience the charm of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in advance.
Ice Rinks for Royal Ice Play

As Beijing embraces first snowfall this year, more parks and winter sports arenas are opened to the public, including Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, the largest natural ice arena in downtown Beijing.

Speed and Passion of Winter

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games have ignited unparalleled enthusiasm among people for winter sports in the country. In Beijing, there are a myriad of options, and these ski resorts are fully equipped to serve visitors during winter.

Soaking in Hot Spring after Skiing

Skiing can wear a person out. But don't forget that Beijing is home to some wonderfully relaxing natural springs, thermal waters and spas. Soothe your muscles after a day on the mountains.


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