Green Lotus Leaves Outspread as far as Boundless Sky; Pink Lotus in Beijing only Blossoms for You

After the summer solstice and a few summer rains, a large area of ​​Beijing lotus has entered the blooming time. The green lotus leaves outspreading as far as boundless sky are the most beautiful gift given to us by nature this summer.

As Pink Lotus Blooms, Here are Some Tips for Your Lotus Tour in the Suburbs of Beijing

Gentle breeze blowing on the embankment, and the lotus reflecting the sun in the beautiful lake - such beauty can be found everywhere in the suburbs of Beijing. Come to this different world and enjoy a different mood!

Full-bloom Flowers Dressing up Beijing Summer

The pink-blue hydrangeas in Yuyuantan Park embrace each other, fresh and beautiful; thousands of acres of flowers by the Seventeen-Arch Bridge are rippling and making colourful and gorgeous “flower waves”...


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