Visit the park for free to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and watch the science and technology exhibition!

Apart from the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, which you must pay a visit to when coming to Beijing, what are the other places of interest do you have on your list? After exploration, here are our suggestions for you! Olympic Forest Park and Yangshan Park are good places for relaxing walks.

Come to the Asian Games Village and enjoy these delicacies!

Many tourists say that the view around the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube is nice, but unfortunately, there is no good food nearby, and they have to go to other places for lunch. No, no, that’s not the truth! There are many delicacies near the Asian Games Village. Time-honoured restaurants such as Quanjude, Bianyifang and Donglaishun must be on your list.

Shopping, manicure and spa with besties during leisure time

Many girls like to go shopping, especially with their girlfriends. Two girls go shopping and chat, talking and laughing, it’s such great fun! At a manicure salon, you can’t help but take your girlfriend together to choose new colours for nails. 


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