Century-Old Brands Guaranteeing Fashion and Dress Sense
“Ma Ju Yuan, known for hats; Refosian, for pretty silk fabrics; Nei Lian Sheng, for good shoes; your feet can tell whether they are comfortable when in shoes made by Nei Lian Sheng. 
A Bite of Authentic Beijing Cuisine, and a Glimpse of Local Customs of Beijing

Touring around Beijing, do not forget to taste authentic Beijing cuisine.
Exploring Siheyuan Hotels Hiding Deep in Hutongs

Touring around Beijing, you must visit a hutong and live in a siheyuan. A siheyuan is a traditional residential compound in Beijing.
Rambling in the Hutong, and Admiring the Beauty of the City
Speaking of Beijing’s ancient capital culture, we have to mention Hutong. Hutong is an inevitable destination for visitors in Beijing.

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