"Zhangjiajie in the North" - Huangsongyu National Forest Park


Huangsongyu National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Pinggu District, covering an area of more than 60 square kilometers. It is a place with mountain and water views and pastoral scenery. The park is rich in topographic changes, dense forests and a wide variety of animals and plants. The ancient Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, forest, alpine meadow, mountain peak, river, lake, animal and plant, and cultural landscape constitute natural pictures of primitive simplicity, magic and beauty. The park has undulating mountains and beautiful ecological environment. Various unique natural landscapes integrate the majestic, strange, dangerous, beautiful and secluded features of nature, forming a unique style of the forest park.

The mountains in the scenic area are stretching and undulating, and the highest peak is "Sanduo Mountain", with an altitude of 1,122 meters. The whole scenic area has different and pleasant scenery in four seasons. There are karst caves, lakes, valleys, geoparks and other scenic spots in the park, adjacent to Jinhai Lake Scenic Spot. The scenic spot is known as "Zhangjiajie in the North".

Location: Pinggu District, Beijing


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