Autumn views in Mangshan Mountain


Mangshan in autumn, wrapped in a layer of the red coat, looks like a red python crawling in the distance. When you walk up from the foot of the mountain, the red leaves make you feel as if you have entered a red sea. The red color is like a brilliant sunset, which is intoxicating.

On the east side of the square, you can see the red leaves all over the mountains. Going up along the road, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful autumn scenery. The mountain road is winding and long, like a crawling snake. The color of red leaves is more charming than that of flowers in spring and summer. This kind of red is a mature color after experiencing the cold rain, showing the beauty of maturity. This kind of mature atmosphere will make every tourist in the scene intoxicated.

The best viewing period of red leaves is from mid-October to mid-November. Many kinds of maple leaves make the whole mountain forest as beautiful as oil painting. Along the tour path into the red leaf forest, the leaves are red, and sometimes the leaves fall off the branches, making everything full of poetic charm.


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