A Moveable Feast in Autumn


Although appreciation of red leaves in autumn has been an essential annual tourism project, you will still be surprised by a kind of amazing beauty of red leaves climbing the Pofeng Mountain. If the Xiangshan Mountain in late autumn is " hills on hills all in red, and wood on wood in a deep dye", then Pofeng Mountain is a flowing color sea in which red, yellow, green, pink and black, getting together with the blue sky and white clouds. Look from a distance, it is just like colorful ribbons flying in the air. The Pofeng Mountain Like the palette overturned by the painter, which is full of interest.

The bright colors come from the rich variety of plants here. Step up the hill, the natural growth of tall Cotinus, accompanied by Ulmus, Jujube, mountain thorn and other plants are on both sides of winding path. From the start of the slope, persimmon, walnut, peach, apricot, poplar are distributed, accompanied by wild jujube, wild pear, wild chrysanthemum and so on. On the high slope, koelreuteria paniculata and poplar trees are densely distributed, which is dense and dark and makes a holy land for rest and relaxation. Among them, there are tens of thousands of plants in seven or eight varieties of red leaves, such as Yuanbao Maple, cotinus, torch. In addition to red leaves, persimmon trees in the mountain are also very conspicuous. The leaves have fallen form tall persimmon, and red persimmons are like beautiful small lanterns full of branches, which is quite good-looking. There is a hundred-years-old Cotinus tree in the center of the scenic spot, many tourists write a message in the red wishing silk ribbons and tie them on the wishing tree to pray for the good wish in the future life.

Walk on the path of Pofeng Mountain and climb the mountain along the trail to feel the autumn without artificial decorations. There are 100 kinds of red colors waiting for you!

Address: Huangshandian Village, Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing


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