Explore the traces of Human Beings - Zhoukoudian Site Museum


The Zhoukoudian site is located in Fangshan District, about 50 kilometers southwest of downtown Beijing. With rich natural resources and a warm and pleasant climate, it is the place where Beijing apes lived 500,000 years ago, Xin Dong Man 100,000-200,000 years ago and Shan Ding Dong Man 10,000-30,000 years ago.

Since the large-scale systematic excavation in 1927, the site has discovered 27 fossil and cultural relic sites of different periods, excavated and unearthed fossil remains representing more than 40 "Peking Man", more than 100,000 pieces of stone tools, nearly 200 kinds of animal fossils and a large number of fire relics. In 1987, it was included in the first batch of "World Cultural Heritage List" of China by UNESCO. And in 2008, it was rated as a national museum by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

The Zhoukoudian site has two parts, the site area and the museum. The site area contains several fossil sites such as the famous Ape Man Cave, New Cave and Peak Cave. The museum contains seven exhibition halls with a large number of precious cultural relics, animal fossils and stone tools, which explain the historical value and cultural connotation of the Zhoukoudian site to the audience in the form of graphic displays. The museum also has 3D animation, simulated excavation, hands-on production, grinding bone needles, model mounting and other special interactive science projects. The Zhoukoudian site not only belongs to China, but also is a great scientific treasure for people all over the world.

Opening Hours: Peak season: 9:00-16:30; Off-season: 9:00-16:00 (closed on Mondays)

Tickets: RMB 30 for adults; RMB 15 for students and seniors

Address: No.1, Zhoukoudian Street, Fangshan District, Beijing

Tel: 010-69301287

Transportation: Get off at Zhoukoudian Ruins Museum by taking Bus No. 38


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