Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area


The Badaling Great Wall is an important outpost of Juyongguan Pass and it is also the most representative one. The east side of the Badaling Great Wall is narrow while the west side is wide. As a whole it is in the shape of the trapezoid, and has two gates on the east and west. The Great Wall that can be visited is 3741 meters long, 1176 meters in the south section and 2565 meters in the north section. There are 16 defense buildings in total. It is a good place for tourism!

Badaling Great Wall was officially opened to tourists in 1958. It is a section of the Great Wall opened earliest to tourists and receives the largest number of tourists. In the five decades since it opened, Badaling Great Wall scenic spot, on behalf of the Great Wall of China, was conferred with the World Cultural Heritage license by UNESCO. It was listed among the first batch of important cultural relic sites under state-level protection by the Central Government, the best of the top 10 scenic spots in the country, the best of the top 40 tourism destinations in the country, and the country’s first group of 5A-class tourism scenic spots. In 2007, in the appraisal of the world’s new seven wonders, Great Wall maintained its top position because of its extensive and profound history and culture, and unprecedented prestige in the world.


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