Dongling Mountain


Dongling Mountain is the first place for outdoor enthusiasts in Beijing to challenge. It is known as Mount Everest and the highest peak in Beijing. Every year, countless tourists come to visit the mountain for a glimpse.

Juling Gorge Scenic Area is located in the west of Hongshuikou village, Mentougou District, Beijing. It is 12 kilometers north along the scenic area, and it can directly climb to the main peak of Lingshan mountain, the highest peak in Beijing.

Juling gorge is the core attraction zone of "one village, one product" of Hongshuikou in Beijing and the core attraction zone of "two belts and eight districts" in the overall planning of Juling Gorge Scenic spot. Due to the altitude, Dongling Mountain has become a natural scenic spot in Beijing with fault mountain, fold mountain, steep peak and infinite flowers in a radius of 25 square kilometers.

The climate here is unique, with ice hanging in the valley in winter, flowers and grass in spring, green fields in summer and wild fruits in autumn.

Lingshan 3000 mu meadow and 5000 mu forest bring you a green world, let you return to nature, enjoy nature, broaden your vision and cultivate your sentiment. It is the only natural breeding farm of Xinjiang Fine Wool Sheep and Qinghai Tibet yak in Beijing. You can have a dialogue with nature and blend with nature.

Lingshan scenic area is the largest aerial meadow in North China, with an altitude of over 1700 meters. Walking in the alpine meadow, lingering in the peak of the ridge, you can suddenly feel relaxed and happy.

Lingshan scenic area is one of the city level scenic spots. It is located in the northwest of Mentougou in the west of Beijing. It is 122 kilometers away from the capital city. Its main peak is 2303 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Beijing. The altitude is higher than Lushan, Taishan, Huangshan and other famous peaks. On the top of Lingshan mountain, you can see the sea of clouds, enjoy the sunrise, smell the fragrance of flowers, and listen to the sound of trees. It is really pleasant to say: "when you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see all the small mountains.".

The geology and geomorphology of Lingshan was formed during the orogenic process of the North China ancient land. There are not only all kinds of folding and uplifting of hydrogenic rocks, but also fracture eruptions of igneous rocks; there are karst landforms of limestone series, flowing hot springs, and cliffs of volcanic rock series, steep mountains and strange rocks.


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