Beautiful self-driving destinations around Beijing


The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace was originally the imperial palace and garden of the Qing Dynasty. It was built according to the style of the Southern gardens. It is the largest and best-preserved royal garden in China. With elegant scenery and many precious cultural relics, it is known as the "Royal Garden Museum".

The beautiful Chinese garden architecture is mixed with a little western culture. A number of unique scenic spots dot the whole park, extremely beautiful. The Summer Palace has always been one of the world-famous tourist attractions. It is by no means a meaningless place to visit.

Address: Haidian District, Beijing

Labagou Primeval Forest Park

It is known as "the back garden of the capital". All the views and things here are as beautiful as a picture. All the trees, mountains, flowers, and streams show intoxicating charm. Because the park is located in the suburb, autumn here comes a little earlier than that in downtown Beijing. In October, it will be golden all over the mountains and fields, just like a fairy tale world.

Address: Huairou District, Beijing

Olympic Forest Park

Located at the northernmost end of the central axis of Beijing, the park is the largest urban green landscape in Asia, larger than the Yuanmingyuan and the Summer Palace combined. The forest park is divided into North and South parks. The South Park is dominated by a large-scale natural landscape, while the North Park is dominated by small stream landscape and natural forest. It is the "green lung" of the urban area of Beijing. In addition to the beautiful scenery, it has also become a place for people's fitness and leisure in Beijing.

Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing


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