Ancient Temples in Beijing | Hongluo Temple


Hongluo Temple is located at the southern foot of Hongluo Mountain, 5 km north of downtown Huairou District, Beijing. With long history, profound culture, wonderful geographical environment and climatic conditions, the Hongluo Temple has become the "Pure Land of Buddha". Sitting on the north and facing south, Hongluo Temple was built based on the mountain, with a strict layout and majestic atmosphere. It is surrounded by mountains and water, as well as ancient trees.

The Millennium Ancient Temple leans on Hongluo Mountain in the north and Hongluo Lake in the south. The ancient trees of the temple are flourish, resisting the wind and gathering qi, which makes it a treasured place. The temple is also famous for its three best features: Imperial Bamboo Forest, The Male and Female Ginkgoes, and Wisteria. Millions of bamboos and thousands of mu of ancient pines surround the temple, forming a beautiful painting of " Green Trees hide the Ancient Temple".

Admission: 54 yuan/person with special discount or free admission for eligible visitors

Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00, entry stops at 16:00

TEL: 010-60681639

Transportation: Take Bus No. H57 and get off at Hongluo Temple Station

Address: No. 2, Hongluo East Road, Huairou District, Beijing


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