"Little Guilin" in the North: Xianxi Mountain


Here you can visit the most beautiful glass plank road and viewing platform in North China. Standing on it and looking around, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of high mountains and cliffs; looking down from the height of 400 meters, you can see the Juma River, which is as clear as a mirror and have a panoramic view of the beautiful views. It is a high-quality scenic spot integrating exploration and sightseeing.

Hold up a bamboo raft and float on the clear river to experience the fun of the small bamboo raft floating in the river. The plank road hangs on the top of the mountain with a drop of 500 meters and a total length of 68 meters. There is only one safety rope to fix the body in the whole process. Looking down through the gap of the plank road, even if I know it's safe, I still feel afraid.

Address: Shidu Scenic Spot, Fangshan District, Beijing


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