New drama Thunderstorm will be staged in Cao Yu Theater


#New drama Thunderstorm will be staged in Cao Yu Theater# This new drama Thunderstorm, directed by Pu Cunxin and Tang Ye, and Gong Lijun, Bai Hui, Li Hongtao and other actors co-starred. The new version of Thunderstorm will also place more emphasis on poetic expression on stage. The drama will not only present the family scene of Zhou Mansion through romantic and casual stage design, but also use the technique of combining the virtual and the real to make the real characters and the characters in memory interspersed, and complete the unique narration of the drama stage in the interlacing of time and space. The new version of Thunderstorm will meet audiences at the Cao Yu Theater of Beijing International Drama Center on September 24, Cao Yu's birthday.

Translated by JIANG Yukun


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