Notice of Miyun District Water Bureau of Beijing on flood discharge from Miyun Reservoir to Baihe river, Chaohe River and Chaobai River


According to the arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Water Bureau, from 18:00 on September 11, 2021, the flood will be discharged from Baihe Regulating Pool of Miyun Reservoir to the downstream Baihe River with a flow rate of 30 cubic meters per second;

From 10:00 on September 12, 2021, the flood discharged from the Chaohe River Tunnel will be diverted from the third spillway of Miyun Reservoir to the downstream Chaohe Riverwith the flow increased to 100 cubic meters per second. Baihe Jingmi diversion channel, Chaohe  Rriver trunk channel has begun to flow. During the flood discharge, the river water flow is large, fast, and it is dangerous to cross the river. In order to ensure the safety of Chaobai River channel, Jingmi diversion channel and Chaohe trunk channel and personnel safety, we remind the general public to stay away from the river.

Hereby announce.

Beijing Miyun District Water Bureau

September 11, 2021

Translated by JIANG Yukun


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