Beijing Night View Guide - Come here to enjoy Beijing at night!


After a day of hard work, maybe only night time belongs to yourself. This time we recommend 8 night-viewing spots, come and see how beautiful the city is at night.

01 Xishan Forest Park

Xishan is a famous place to enjoy the night view in Beijing, and a safer and more convenient place to climb at night in Beijing. It can be rather tanned during the day, but the slope is not too steep. There are sprays and streams in the forest, and you can also bring your pets along.

02 Dingdu Pavilion

Dingdu Peak offers a panoramic view of the entire Beijing city. There is a famous saying that "if you don't go to Dingdu Peak, it is a waste to go to Beijing". It is much less crowded than Xishan Forest Park, and you can see the straight and centered extension of Chang'an Street from afar. When night falls, the Dingdu Pavilion itself is also a beautiful sight.

03 Central TV Tower

As a classic high-rise building, it is a good choice to take night shots at the Central TV Tower. Besides, it is located on the west side, so there will not be tall buildings shading the view like China World Trade and Wangjing. The only drawback is that it requires a fee.

04 Galaxy SOHO

The light and curves of the Galaxy SOHO building make you feel like you are in a future space battleship. It is recommended to go to the big platform on the 6th floor of Chaoyang SOHO across the street. The floor there is a reflector, so you can take beautiful silhouettes. After shooting on the 6th floor, you can also go to the 15th floor to take a panoramic view of Galaxy SOHO.

05 Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street is a tourist attraction during the daytime, and its night view is also unique. The lights reflect the color of the glazed tiles, showing a beautiful blue-green color.

06 CBD Beijing

Hershey International Home is the most classic location to shoot CBD, many professional photographers or photography experts will choose this place as the CBD shooting place. Here you can see the prosperity of the whole city.

07 Olympic Tower

Compared with the West Mountain, the biggest advantage of this place is that you don't have to climb the mountain. You can reach the 76th floor by elevator in one minute. Even during the festival, there are not many people. Here you can enjoy the night view in 360°.

Translated by LIU Yu


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