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In response to the call of "Stay put for Spring Festival", many people decide to stay in Beijing during the holiday. Where to go for the seven-day vacation? In Beijing, this is a good opportunity to check out the royal gardens.

However, the Summer Palace is fully booked until now. If you have already made a reservation, this article will be a good reference for you to visit; if not, then prepare for when you go to play later.

The Summer Palace is a model of "royal gardens" in Beijing. As one of the best-preserved royal gardens in China, the Summer Palace is known as the "Royal Garden Museum" and is also listed as a 5A-level scenic spot. When it comes to the Summer Palace, many people may think of the tower of Buddhist Incense on Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. But in fact, everywhere in the Summer Palace is worth visiting as long as you have enough time.

Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha

When you visit the Summer Palace, the first stop is Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha, which is the landmark and center of the Summer Palace. The imposing building on the "standard photo" of the Summer Palace is Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha. Here backed by Longevity Hill, overlooking Kunming Lake, the view is extremely open.

Kunming Lake

After visiting Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha, you can view Kunming Lake. The best place to view the lake is located at Heralding Spring Pavilion, where the standard photos of the Summer Palace mentioned earlier are taken. Here, you can also take beautiful photos of the Summer Palace at the level of professional photographers.

Another point that you may not notice if not prompted is that you can visually experience what is the "borrowing" technique of classical Chinese garden art!

Standing under the Heralding Spring Pavilion and looking westward from Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha, you are able to see the rolling hills on the opposite shore of Kunming Lake with the Jade Spring Pagoda towering between them. No matter when it is, it is a stunning landscape .

In fact, the mountain and the pagoda are already outside the Summer Palace, but the mystery of why the scenery is perfectly integrated lies in the "borrowed scenery".

Long Gallery

If you have enough time, you can visit the famous Long Gallery in the Summer Palace on your way down from Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha to the Heralding Spring Pavilion. The Long Gallery, which is located on the mountain and facing the water, connects the buildings on both sides. With carved beams and more than 8,000 colorful paintings, it is worth seeing in detail.

Wenchang Tower

After enjoying Kunming Lake and Heralding Spring Pavilion, a short distance further on you will arrive at Wenchang Tower. When you visit the Summer Palace, you can buy a single ticket for one garden or a combined ticket. The highest ticket price among all the gardens is Wenchang Tower.

Each piece of jewelry in Wnchang Tower will blow your mind, and the exhibition halls in the Yuan must be completely wandered through. The jade, porcelain, gold and silver, enamel and clocks are all from the palace collection and represent the best craftsmanship of the time.

Garden of Virtue and Harmony

The Great Stage in the Garden of Virtue and Harmony was dedicated to the Empress Dowager Cixi. The three-storey theater stage is the biggest and best-preserved wooden stage in ancient China.Visitors can imagine the scene when the Empress Dowager watched opera in this garden.

Seventeen-arch Bridge

No matter when you go, it is worthwhile to take a walk on the bridge. In the Year of the Ox, taking a picture with the bronze ox on the bridge has an unusual meaning.

This year, the bronze ox has a new friend - "Little Ang", the mascot of the Chinese zodiac for the 2021 Spring Festival Gala. It's very cute, don't you want to come and see it?

The Summer Palace can be visited more than these places. If you play in detail, it may take seven days, depending on whether you are interested!

You are lucky enough to be able to visit the Summer Palace this Spring, please cherish the Precious opportunity to enjoy the "Royal Garden Museum of China"!


When visiting the park, please cooperate with the temperature test, check the Beijing Health Care, wear masks in a scientific way, do not pile up or gather, and have a dispersed tour. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

For help with services such as hot water and small medicine boxes, please contact the park visitor service center.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Entrance ticket to the Summer Palace:30 RMB / A ticket (peak season) 20 RMB/ A ticket (off-season)

Through Ticket to the Summer Palace:60 RMB / A ticket (peak season) 50 RMB / A ticket (off-season)

Gardens in the Summer Palce : Garden of Virtue and Harmony 5RMB / A ticket, Wenchang Gallery 20RMB / A ticket, Buddhist of Incense 10RMB / A ticket, Suzhou street 10RMB / A ticket.

Remark:1. Through Ticket include entrance tickets and garden tickets (including Wenchang Gallery, Garden of Virtue and Harmony, Buddhist of Incense, plus Suzhou Street.).

2. Tickets and Through Ticket are concessional, discount ticket: 15 RMB.

Address: No. 23, Gongmen Qianjie, Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: 62881144


East Gongmen Subway Line: Xiyuan Station, Line 4;

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