China to suspend UK flights indefinitely


The United Kingdom recently announced the finding of a new coronavirus variant and notified the World Health Organization. Many countries have closed their borders to the United Kingdom, stopped round flights and banned British flights from entering.

Considering the special features and possible impacts of the new virus variant, the Chinese side, after comprehensive assessment, is thinking of borrowing from other countries' practice and suspending flights between China and Britain to ensure the health of Chinese and foreign travelers.

At yesterday's regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, spokesperson Wang Wenbin said:

Recently the UK announced the discovery of a mutated strain of the new coronavirus and has informed the World Health Organization about it. A number of countries have also announced measures targeted on the UK such as closing borders, suspending round-trip flights and banning entry of UK flights. In view of the special nature of the mutated virus and its possible impact, and in order to protect the health of people travelling between China and the United Kingdom, after thorough assessment, China has taken reference from the practices of many countries and suspended round-trip flights between China and the United Kingdom. China will closely monitor the situation and adjust the relevant control measures dynamically as appropriate.


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