Rowing on the lake, enjoy the coolness and the beautiful scenery


To escape the heat in summer, swinging a small boat on the wide lake and playing leisurely is definitely one of the best options.

1. Beihai Park

Beihai is located in the center of Beijing. It is the oldest, most complete, and deepest classical royal garden in the existing history of China. The garden has the majesty of northern gardens and the charm of Jiangnan gardens.

Here the water is open; the lake is clear; the flowers and trees are fragrant. It is like a fairyland. Many weeping willows are planted along the shore, and the white pagoda is reflected on the lake. When the lotus blossoms in summer, the green, white, and red colors on the boating lake come into view. The boat trip on the water is like swimming in a painting, which makes people feel refreshed.

2. The Summer Palace

Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace is the most attractive water area in Beijing, with a total area of 3,000 mu, accounting for three-quarters of the entire Summer Palace. Kunming Lake has vast waters and beautiful scenery. It is very pleasant to go boating on the lake and the breeze is pleasant as well.

The Summer Palace is the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China. Every summer solstice, the lotus is in full bloom, and you can enjoy the lotus by boating on the water, which is even more interesting!

In addition to boating and playing in the water, the Summer Palace is an ancient imperial garden. The architecture of the Summer Palace is worth seeing, very good!

3. Zizhuyuan Park

Coming to Zizhuyuan Park is like coming to the kingdom of bamboo. Bamboo buildings, bamboo pavilions, bamboo tables, bamboo chairs, and even large and small bridges are decorated with bamboo.

It is a natural landscape garden with bamboo as its main part

. The various bamboo buildings in the park show the Chinese culture with their unique styles, and make people feel that bamboo is indispensable in people's lives.

4. Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is one of the eleven major parks in Beijing, located in Haidian District with convenient transportation. With the coming of summer, the large lake in Yuyuan Pond Park is full of colorful and slim lotus flowers. In such a good season, rent a small boat, go boating on the lake, admire the lotus close up, watch the CCTV tower from a distance, and enjoy the coolness in midsummer.

5. Cool Valley

Beijing Cool Valley Scenic Spot is located in the Miyun District of Beijing, 90 kilometers away from Beijing. Here, the water of White River flows through the front of the scenic area all the year round. The unique geographical location and environment create a cool climate here.

It consists of the following highlights:

The first highlight is the beautiful scenery. The scenic pools and waterfalls are densely packed and have sufficient water volume. There are pools and waterfalls of various shapes and sizes within a four-kilometer section.

The second highlight is the richness of water entertainment projects. These projects are unique, interesting, competitive, and challenging. Experiencing these projects can increase collective cohesion, relax the mood, and exercise.

The third highlight is water skiing. The slide is two kilometers long, with an altitude of over 800 meters and a drop of over 100 meters, which is very thrilling.


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