Niukouyu Wetland Park(牛口峪湿地公园)


    The water of Niukouyu reservoir has been treated by the sewage treatment plant, and it has become very clear and has no odor. Moreover, the whole reservoir has been treated better and better. Corridor, pavilion, reed in the water, lotus and green tree reflection, all these constitute a beautiful picture, full of beautiful.

    Free black swans, wild geese, wild ducks are swimming in the water.

    There are also groups of red carp that attract tourists' attention. Pigeons also circle in the air. They are shining silver in the sun. Compared with pigeons, night herons sometimes fly in the sky and show their posture; sometimes they fall on the shore and stare at the front motionlessly, which gives people the beauty of silence; it seems that they accidentally fall on the water, and in an instant, they have a fish in their mouth. This is their ability, but also the fish's sorrow. Two very beautiful egrets hide in the corner alone. They absolutely do not give people the opportunity to access. It’s a pity of their beauty. They do not want to show it in front of people, we have to enjoy from a distance.

    It adds endless pleasure to the visitors. Now Niukouyu reservoir has been built into a wetland park. This place with mountains, water and birds is a rare and good place for people who live nearby.

Address: Niukouyu, Fangshan District, Beijing


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