Changping Shahe Ecological Wetland(昌平沙河生态湿地)


    In the Changping Shahe Ecological Wetland, the egrets fly freely, a variety of lotus flowers are competing to bloom, and a harmonious and beautiful ecological picture is slowly unfolding. Shahe Reservoir is located in Shahe Town, Changping District, a wetland very close to the city centre. Although small in size, it is a treasure that bird watching enthusiasts must not miss!

    Forest and water, blue and green, the breeze is blowing, and the sun is shining. In recent years, with the strengthening in environmental protection, the water surface of the reservoir area has gradually expanded, water quality has gradually improved, aquatic plants have been enriched, and the water ecology has also gradually shown vitality. Migratory birds come and stay here every year.

    A large number of people come here every day, or walk in the woods by the lake, or exercise along the lake on a bicycle. There are also people capturing the first ray of sunshine and birds with their photography equipment. You can always come here and experience a different beauty!

    Various birds, some dancing in the sky, some perching on treetops, some sucking duckweed on the water, freely roaming among the green trees on mountains, attracting many photography enthusiasts and tourists come to watch and take pictures.

The various lotus flowers in the lotus pond, pink and white, are blooming under the scorching sun, and become more and more glamorous under the background of a green lotus leaf. In the patch of lotus leaves, there are some lotus buds waiting to be released, revealing their pink little head, which is really coy and cute.

    The reservoir is cooler in the morning and evening. Come here during sunset and enjoy the stunning view. What a great place for relaxation!

Address: Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing


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