Wuling Mountain(雾灵山)


    Wulingshan Scenic Area is located between Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Chengde. After hundreds of millions of years of vicissitudes and dramatic changes, it has become the main peak of the Yanshan Mountains at an elevation of 2118 meters, known as the "first peak in East Beijing". She is magnificent, like a bright green pearl inlaid on the earth of North China.

    The geographical coordinates are 117°17′ - 117°35 ′ E and 40°29′ - 40°38′ N. The total area of the protected area is 14246.9 hectares; the core area is 3794.6 hectares; the buffer area is 2404.4 hectares; and the experimental area is 8047.9 hectares, with a forest area of 10522 hectares and a forest cover rate of 80.3%.

    The forest area of Wuling Mountain is a warm temperate wet continental monsoon area with an annual average temperature of 7.6 C and the hottest monthly average temperature of 17.6 C. It is a summer island in North China. It is characterized by long winter and short summer and large temperature difference between day and night. Annual average temperature is 7.6 C. Daily average temperature is stable. Dates exceeding 10 C are from May to October. Annual average sunshine is 2870h. Annual average precipitation in forest area is 763mm and local average temperature is 900mm. The average annual evaporation is 1444mm and the average relative humidity is 60%. Dryness is 1.5. Frost-free period is 120-140 days.

    It has been named as the first batch of "National Nature Reserve Demonstration Area", "National Youth Science and Technology Education Base", "National Forestry Science and Technology Education Base" and "China Youth Science Research Base". In 2007, it was rated as the first "most beautiful mountain scenery in Beijing suburbs" by millions of Internet users of Sohu website.

    In the large-scale public welfare activity of "looking for China's forest oxygen bar" launched by China magazine on April 15, 2015, Wuling mountain became the first batch and the only one selected in Hebei Province and even the whole Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. On July 20, 2015, Wuling Mountain, with its tall and dense forests, clear streams, blue sky, white clouds and quiet and cool climate, was honored as "the 12th golden list of Chinese and foreign summer tourism".

    Wuling Mountain is a National Nature Reserve, with a total area of 14264.9 hectares. The protected objects are "temperate forest ecosystem and macaque". The forest coverage rate is 93%. It is rich in animal and plant resources, including 1870 species of higher plants and 173 species of terrestrial vertebrates. It is a rare species gene bank in North China, the best model of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and a beautiful natural landscape. It has high ecological and aesthetic value in scientific research. It has become an ideal resort for tourism and summer vacation.

Address: Daanyu village, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District, Beijing


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