Issuance of Travel Permit for Foreigners


Foreigners who are applying to travel to areas that are not generally open to foreigners must submit an application to the relevant authorities for approval and permission before any such travel permit can be issued.

  • Basic Documents

1. One original of the Application Form for Foreigner's [A1] Visa  Certificate with a 2-inch square [A2] (3.5 × 5.3 cm) color photo against a white background that has been recently taken and features no hat.

2. One original of the reception plan, specifying in detail the group number, number of members of the group, number of vehicles, time of entry and exit if a self-driving tourist group, and contact person and contact number for the travel agency.

3. The route and schedule for the trip (date, route, road condition, schedule), member information (name, sex, nationality, date of birth,  passport number, occupation), and vehicle information (license plate number, brand, country of origin, type, model, year of production, frame number, engine number, color, seat number, fuel type, displacement, weight) shall be provided in the application.

  • Steps,Time,Address and Fees

1. Processing time and place

Time: 09:00–17:00 from Monday to Saturday, excluding legal holidays.

Address: Exit and Entry Administration Reception Hall, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, No. 2 Andingmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

2. Processing procedures

Acceptance of application, review and decision, and issuance and delivery of permit, 7 working days in total.

3. Processing fee

CNY ¥50 per permit.

  • Notes

1. The applicant shall ensure that the application materials provided are true and correct.

2. (1)The travel agency shall submit its reception plan to the entry and exit administration department of the public security organ of the provincial people's government where the travel agency is located at least 60 days before the group enters the country.

(2) Foreigners who are traveling in China using transportation that they themselves provide shall be received by licensed Chinese travel agencies.

(3) The original application materials shall be submitted for examination.


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