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Amazing! Beijing adds a New International Landmark! It has become a new gathering point for fashion people to visit!


Wangjing street is an open street paved with stone bricks. There are Chinese, English and German characters on the stone tablet at the corner of the street. The reason why there is German is that the street mainly focuses on German style~

The LED screen standing on the roadside is called "Wangjing eye". It looks like eyes. The flowing strips, colors and shapes abstract the hydrological, weather and traffic data of Beijing in the past 40 years. It's very mysterious in Beijing at night~

In the middle of the road, there is a splendid sky curtain with a length of 50 meters and a width of 20 meters. This is a Berlin artist, combined with the traditional Chinese image of dragon and Phoenix, the art work "Phoenix dancing and swimming in the dragon". Go further and you will come to the music fountain. There is an interactive device beside it, which can change the water flow according to the gesture of tourists. Children must like it. The commercial buildings are enclosed into a sunken courtyard, which has a nice name --"Wangjingfang"~

Wangjing street is not only fashionable, but also full of rich literary and artistic atmosphere. A huge doll sculpture is installed in the courtyard, which was created by the teachers of the Central Academy of fine arts. There is also a space of 1200 square meters, which is used for holding art exhibitions all year around. In Wangjing square, people can enjoy outdoor sculptures, water curtain films, small theater and a library will be opened soon It's only 380 meters, but it can be called "changing scenery". It's eye-catching and fun. There are 240 shops on both sides, including China Film Theater, Freshhippo, Starbucks, Schindler gas station western restaurant, chuchuchui, Lujiaoxiang, etc. The whole Wangjing Street integrates food, drink and fun, so that you can eliminate the tired mentality here after a busy day~

Are you ready? Come and meet Wangjing Street~



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