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Playing rafting should be exciting enough to satisfy you


In the cool of summer there is not only watermelon and soda, but also thrilling and refreshing drifting. Do you want to drift for excitement? Wuling Xifeng scenic area lets you have a good time. In the scream and cheering, you can enjoy the stimulation of drifting wave by wave. The whole summer makes you cool and comfortable.

Beijing Wuling Xifeng scenic area has been restored to open on July 24, 2020. Mountaineering and rafting are open at the same time. Can such a good tour not make you excited?

In addition to drifting, the scenery of Wuling West Peak is also worth watching. Wuling Mountain is the main peak of Yanshan mountain, with an altitude of 2118 meters. It is straight into the sky with beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant scenery. The scenic area is a natural plant kingdom with more than 96% of the original secondary forest vegetation and wild trees all over the mountain.

Warm tips: for the sake of your health and other people's health, please make an appointment in advance when entering the park, and cooperate with the staff to do a good job in epidemic prevention. Please understand the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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