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These art galleries in Beijing are worth visiting


1. China Academy of Oil Painting

China Academy of Oil Painting, subordinate to the China Academy of Arts, is a national art institution integrating oil painting creation, research and teaching. It is the first national oil painting institute since the founding of the People's Republic of China. It has gathered the backbone of contemporary Chinese oil painting. At the same time, it carries the responsibility of spreading Chinese oil painting. It also exports and popularizes life aesthetics to the outside world through exhibitions and exchanges.

Located in Gaobeidian cultural street, although the location is relatively remote, it seems to have more space for art. In addition to enjoying the masterpieces of oil paintings, the oil painting institute has also created an aesthetic space integrating architecture, art and life, watching exhibitions, drinking coffee and listening to jazz performances. The landmark building in the oil painting academy is the milky white "church". Beijing's new photography holy land, with a strong foreign style architecture, often meets newlyweds to take wedding photos.

The pointed roof is even more towering under the blue sky around. If the weather is good, it looks like the famous church in Europe. The white walls and red bricks in the oil painting academy are matched with clothes of appropriate colors. Whether you want to take pictures of people with style, or simply want to take pictures of architectural lines and structures, there is a lot of room to play!

Address: No.1704, Wenhua new street, Gaobeidian station, Chaoyang District, Beijing

2. Luohong photography gallery

Mr. Luo Hong invested a lot of money to build the "Luohong Photography Art Museum" in six years, collecting and displaying his photographic works, showing the beauty of the earth in a panoramic way. It is divided into three parts: oriental garden landscape, photography art museum and black swan cake art gallery. The exhibition of photography works is in the photography art museum. In the photography art museum, we can see wild Africa, tens of thousands of wild animals migrating, and lions wandering in the wilderness. Here, there are snow fields covered with snow, and the sky is sunset, a colorful and illusory aurora.

Among the photos on display, there are many pictures of African nature. In addition to Africa, there are also a large number of natural scenery and wild animals in Antarctica, Arctic, America and other places. You can enjoy the world's customs and see all kinds of wild animals without leaving home.

The oriental garden landscape group here is a garden landscape carefully designed by the descendants of Korean garden family, and more than 30 traditional stone craftsmen from Shandong are invited to carve stone art. Oriental Garden Landscape Group is mountain, water, plants and trees carefully designed, in a small area, showing the beauty of mountains and forests.

In this garden landscape group, how can we lack the spirit of nature? Two elegant swans slide through the calm water, adding a sense of flexibility here. Among the boulders, pine trees towering, clear spring water, Koi can be seen everywhere. Really it creates a piece of nature here.

Address: 200m left side of Yanglin Avenue exit of Beijing Shunyi Airport Expressway

3. Red brick art gallery

Red brick art gallery is located in the International Art District in the northeast of Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is a natural art museum with Chinese traditional garden image.

Dong Yugan, a famous architect and professor of the architectural research center of Peking University, is responsible for the architectural design of the museum. The red brick is used as the basic element, supplemented by the use of some green bricks on the building, so as to create a garden style art gallery equipped with contemporary landscape gardens.

The whole museum is just like its name. Red bricks are its basic element. The red brick art gallery has always been a popular place to take pictures in Beijing artistic youth. Red brick and white wall, the standard color of literature and art style, and the geometric appearance, is simply the top 1 in the hearts of photographers.

Visitors can get a brand-new aesthetic experience here. They can not only watch the indoor works on display, but also feel the unique architectural language and innovative landscape.

Every space in the museum is designed everywhere. The details of the corner give people a lot of surprise; every scene conversion is very interesting. You can see the scenery from different angles. You will find the beauty in life everywhere.

Address: Hegezhuang village, Cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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