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Zhongshuge: a trendy bookstore integrating Chinese style and sense of science and technology


Bookstores used to be the spiritual garden of many people. After getting up early on weekends and enjoying breakfast, they dressed up delicately and went out to the bookstore to find their own small world. In recent years, due to the impact of the Internet, the operation of physical bookstores has become more and more difficult, let alone in 2020.Many physical bookstores are trying to transform and develop more possibilities, which also give

some freshness to us who lovebooks.

We get more freshness. There are quite a few bookstores like Beijing. Not only are the shops decorated with novel decoration, but also they can feel the concept and new bibliography conveyed, and experience the heaviness of paper books and the pleasure of knowledge making.

Zhongshuge bookstore is such a bookstore. Since it was settled in Beijing, it has attracted wide attention and aroused the upsurge of citizens to come. This kind of classical garden and reading space may collide with different sparks in the commercial places with fashionable circulation.

From the entrance, we learn from the elements of Chinese classical gardens. All the surprises unfold slowly at the moment of entering the hall. Books are his drawing board, and books are the scenery. The stairs in the store give a strong sense of hierarchy to the space. The change of the drop is like landscape painting, but it creates an illusion by using this scene. The shared tables and chairs in the coffee reading area can also meet different levels of social needs while reading.

The designer of the bookstore has created an interesting paradise for children with simplified line graphics and bright colors. The unique shape and design here are just like children's innocent lines and strokes, which vividly paint the pictures of ancient buildings. Enjoy being surrounded by books. Experience it.


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