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The park in Beijing is a mecca for photography enthusiasts. In addition to birds, wild flowers are also in the spotlight


With the increasing temperature in summer in Beijing, it's time to be afraid of heat. In order to urge myself to keep exercising every day, I basically don't stay up late, but go to bed early and get up early. After all, it's only in the morning that it's cooler. It's a good time for exercise.

I thought the park would be quiet at 6:00 in the morning, but I found that there were already people who were doing exercises. The lotus leaf on the lake spreads to the distance, reflecting the small house under the blue sky. Breathing the fresh air, the mood will become better.

Yuyuantan Park has many characteristics of its own. In addition to cherry blossom and a large number of photography enthusiasts, there are also some swimming enthusiasts. But now the shore of this section of the lake has been blocked up, no longer suitable swimming in the lake. This is a good move. After all, there are lots of water and grass in the lake, and there are hidden dangers in swimming.

Continue to walk around the lake as fast as you can to the cherry blossom garden. You will find a path between the flowers on your side. I think there are no flowers in Yuyuantan Park, but there are pink flower balls here. From afar, the flowers are like a round ball. When you look closer, they are composed of numerous small flowers. They are growing vigorously, bringing a touch of dreamlike beauty to the hot summer.

There is also a little white flower opposite the flowers, blooming among the green twigs. It has a better name called Qianniaohua. Is it because its petals are like birds flying high? The slender branches are covered with small flowers of unique type, which are also very beautiful in groups.

There is a small wetland in the cherry blossom garden of Yuyuantan Park, which is also the permanent residence of photography lovers. There are large lotus leaves along the river, and the mother duck who shuttles in the water with lovely ducklings.

The pavilion is full of photography enthusiasts waiting to capture their favorite pictures.

It's only 40 minutes to walk around the park. There are a lot of scenery to see on the way. It's really more comfortable than walking around in the community. As a park with only 2 yuan tickets and annual tickets, it's really a good place.


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