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High temperature warning, come to these summer resorts in the suburbs of Beijing


1. Baihe Gorge

The Beijing section of Baihe gorge is a River Grand Canyon from Baihebao reservoir in the northeast of Yanqing County to Miyun reservoir through Huairou. It is a primitive and well preserved canyon landform. If you want to choose a weekend and go to the suburbs of Beijing for a bit of cool, it's the most suitable place to come here.

2. Yishui Lake

Yishui lake, formerly known as Nanhu Lake, is clear and beautiful. Driving from Beijing, it only takes two hours to get here. Here you can enjoy camping on the lakeside, motorboat tour of the lake.

3. Sanjia store

Sanjiadian is located on the Bank of Yongding River, Longquan Town, Mentougou District, to the east of Sanjiadian sluice of Yongding River. Villages have been formed since the Liao Dynasty. It is said that only three of them settled here, which is the nearest scenic spot to Beijing.

4. Yanqing Baili Gallery

As the first suburban tourism road in Beijing, it has a history of more than 50 years, with a total length of 51.44 kilometers.

The road passes through Baihebao nature reserve, national geopark, nature reserve, Baili gallery and other scenic spots in Beijing.

It is a national tourist gallery with rich tourist resources.

5. Wild Duck Wetland Park

The park is located in the northwest of Yanqing County, Beijing. With an area of 3939 hectares, it is the only Wetland Bird Nature Reserve in Beijing.


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