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The heat is coming! Come to this park in Beijing to cool down. There are few people, free of charge and no need to make an appointment


With the release of Beijing's first high temperature blue warning this year, the temperature will also reach the recent peak today, as high as 38 ℃! In addition to air conditioning, WiFi, watermelon, visiting the park is also a good choice to avoid the heat~

Today, the park recommended is especially suitable for sightseeing and summer vacation. Unlike other parks, there are not only lakes and mountains, but also farmland full of tender green seedlings, lakes surrounded by reeds, and ancient and simple curved corridor buildings hidden by bamboo forests. It is Beiwu park. The most important thing is that the park not only has a small number of visitors, but also needs no tickets and no booking. It's really wonderful~

Beiwu park is located at the foot of Yuquan mountain, adjacent to the Summer Palace and overlooking the Xishan Scenic Area. It is adjacent to Jinhe road in the East, Chapeng road in the west, Yudong country park in the north and Ximen road of the Summer Palace in the south, covering an area of 33.2 hectares. Beiwucun road divides the park into east and west gardens. The East Park is 22 hectares, reflecting the historical and cultural themes. There are rich historical and cultural relics in the park.

There is Minister Lin, senior high school lake, etc. The west garden is 11.2 hectares, highlighting the function of leisure and fitness. When you enter the park, pavilions, bridges, flowing water, and pastoral crisscross, a beautiful picture with poetic and picturesque flavor appears in front of you.

Beiwu Park in summer is full of grass color, blue water, mountains and rivers are dreamlike. The ancient buildings add a strong ancient charm to the park. The winding path leads to the secluded place with scattered light and shadow, which makes people feel the gentle Jiangnan style.

The dock shaped viewing platform and the paddy field landscape complement each other. On the platform, you can have a panoramic view of the green paddy field. Whether it is a stone path or a wooden plank road, you can walk on it and enjoy the green. In the hot weather, I feel the cool in the moment.

After the epidemic, ask a partner to write a romantic urban pastoral poem~

Address: West Gate of Summer Palace, Haidian District, Beijing

Admission: Free


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