Mangshan Tianchi


[Mangshan Tianchi scenic spot] Beijing Tianchi scenic spot is located on the top of Mangshan Mountain on the left bank of Shisanling reservoir in Changping District, about 40 km away from the city center of Beijing. The top of Tianchi pool is 568 meters above sea level, with a storage capacity of 4.5 million cubic meters, a water depth of 40 meters and a circumference of 1600 meters. Its water source is extracted from the Shisanling reservoir at an altitude of 85 meters, which is the largest artificial Tianchi in China.

Mangshan Tianchi is surrounded by mountains on three sides, surrounded by trees, lush, undulating mountains, and spectacular mountain form.

In spring, the mountain flowers are blooming, especially the apricot flowers; in the hot summer, the breeze comes slowly, which makes you sober up and multiply your spirit in the tense work, study and life; in autumn, there are many fruits along the way, and the mountains and forests are wonderful. Drive from the bottom of the mountain to Tianchi toll collection, about 12 kilometers away. There is a granite standing stone in the parking lot, engraved with the word "Tianchi", which is the calligraphy of a famous calligraphy in the past.

Mangshan Tianchi scenic spot is the largest artificial cement Tianchi in China. There are hundreds of wild ducks frolicking in the pond, and the green grass on the bank surrounds the Tianchi lake like a green blanket. You can watch the mountains, enjoy the water, smell the birds and flowers, taste the wind of nature. You can also climb the ancient tower on the top of the mountain and look at the Ancient Kyoto from afar.

The top of Tianchi pool is 568 meters above sea level, with a capacity of 4.5 million cubic meters, a water depth of 40 meters, and a circumference of 1600 meters. The 12-kilometer tunnel is connected with the outside world, of which the traffic tunnel is 1033 meters in length. The roof of the underground plant is 300-meters thick rock. The main workshop has advanced equipment, which is another underground palace of high-tech industry in Changping. As an important part of the Shisanling Pumped Storage Power Plant, it can not only offer you the beautiful scenery around it, but also increase the popular science knowledge of pumped storage power station. It integrates ecology, humanities and popular science tourism, and is an excellent place for tourism.

According to domestic and foreign medical research, 400-800 meters above sea level is the best area for human survival. Tianchi, with its suitable height and first-class air quality, will bring endless benefits to your physical and mental health, and has the reputation of "natural oxygen bar".

Although Tianchi is on the top of Mangshan park, you can get there without entering Mangshan park. If you have enough time and enjoy climbing, you can enter from Mangshan park. Climb up to the top of Tianchi. If you are a young man who likes to drive, you can drive all the way from the road in front of Mangshan park. When you enter Tianchi scenic area, it is a long section of Road around the mountain, with mountains and lush trees on both sides. You can feel the warm sunshine in summer, but the wind on the mountain makes you feel comfortable and cool.

Traffic guide

Address: Mangshan Forest Park, Changping District, Beijing (near Shisanling reservoir energy storage power station)

Admission: 10/person


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