You can travel around the world without leaving Beijing! You just need to come to this one place


Almost everyone has the dream of traveling around the world, dreaming that one day they can see all the famous buildings in the world. Although few people can really realize it, there is still a dream. In case it is realized. The epidemic has limited people's travel abroad. But now there is an opportunity. You can travel around the world in one day without leaving Beijing. Don't believe it? Let's have a look~

Beijing World Park is a national 4A scenic spot and a park with world famous spots. The Park focuses on the miniature scenic spots of many famous national historic sites in the scale of 1:10~

With an investment of 150 million yuan, the world park was began to be constructed in 1991. After 18 months of high-speed construction, this world park with the intention of "traveling around the world without going abroad" was built at a high speed. It was officially opened to visitors on October 1, 1993~

All the classic building materials imitate the original as far as possible, using bronze carving, copper casting, gold plating, wood carving, etc. The park has a total area of 46.7 hectares. The overall layout is divided into five continents. The main body of the park is the miniature scenic spots of 109 famous historical sites in 40 countries in the world~

There are 17 regions in the park, including Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, West Asia, East Asia and South Asia. The water system is connected with the whole park according to the shape of four oceans~

The world's most famous pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower of France, Notre Dame of Paris, the White House of the United States, Lincoln Memorial Hall, Sydney Opera House, etc~

There are nearly a hundred sculptures in the park, including the statue of liberty, the Danish Mermaid, Venus, Chopin, Mozart and other figures. They are exquisitely designed and lifelike. These miniature buildings modeled on the world's famous places of interest are of fine design and realistic modeling, which will make you dazzled. When you are here, you will feel as if you are really traveling around the world~

Take a day to see all the most famous places of interest in the world. It will make your dream come true~

In recent years, with the help of new coordinate positioning, Beijing World Park has transformed from static miniature landscape to dynamic performance. If you have a dream to travel around the world, come to the world park~

I. Opening hours:

1. Normal business hours: (Monday to Thursday) 8:30-17:30 and at 17:00 stop selling tickets.

2. Extended business hours: (Friday to Sunday) 8:30-21:00; at 20:00 stop selling tickets.

II. Passenger flow restriction:

No more than 10000 tourists are accepted per day. For the healthy population in Beijing. If the number of tourists reaches 30% of the instantaneous carrying capacity of the scenic spot, the Beijing World Park will take measures to limit the flow. Please follow the arrangement of the staff and delay entering the park.


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