Three "non-famous" mountain scenic spots around Beijing are beautiful and low-key


The best place to travel in summer must have three requirements: less people, beautiful scenery and cool. Today, I recommend three "non-famous" mountain scenic spots around Beijing. The scenery is low-key and people who have a short-distance travel plan know about it~

1. Baishi mountain

Baishi mountain is located in Laiyuan County, Baoding City, surrounded by mountains, far from the city, has a good natural ecological environment, cool and pleasant. The average temperature in summer is only 21.7 degrees. There are magical peak forests, comparable to Huangshan in Anhui Province. There are magnificent clouds and waterfalls like Niubei mountain. Here is the thrilling and exciting suspended glass plank road. Sitting on the hanging pavilion, blowing the cool wind, and having a cup of fragrant "cloud top" coffee, it must be very nice.

Address: 15 kilometers south of Laiyuan County, Baoding, Hebei Province

2. Zushan

Zushan mountain is located in the golden triangle of Beijing, Chengde and Qinhuangdao. It is 1424 meters above sea level. It is famous for its unique natural scenery, such as dangerous peaks, strange rocks, flowers and grasses, Yunhai waterfall, and primitive forest. It is named as "the ancestor of mountains" because of its branches and stretches in the east of Yanshan Mountain and the mountains in the north of Bohai Bay. For thousands of years, it has been a remote mountain and valley, and the tourists at home and abroad who climb the Great Wall and catch the tide always miss it with regret.

Zushan has a long history. It was first formed during the crustal movement from Jurassic to the end of Cretaceous. It also experienced the Yanshan movement, Himalayan movement and other multiple actions, forming a variety of strange rocks. Go to Mount Zushan to watch the sunrise in the East, catch the sails in the south, look at the Great Wall in the west, and overlook the mountains in the north. You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. There are high cliffs and waterfalls, full of rainbow, primitive flowers, rare in the world. It is a natural landscape with cliffs and deep streams and a sea of clouds. The fairyland of 118 square kilometers is primitive, natural, harmonious, picturesque and colorful.

The vegetation coverage rate of Zushan mountain is over 95%, and the rainfall is abundant. The annual rainfall is more than 1000 mm. A large amount of precipitation converges into a roaring waterfall. The Huaguo Mountain waterfall flies down from the 84-meter high cliff with great momentum. There must be a feeling of water around the green mountains and around the water, and the green water floating around the mountains.

Address: Zushan Town, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Qinhuangdao

3. Baihua Mountain

There are hundreds of flowers in full bloom, green meadows, sea of clouds rising and continuous unique peaks. It is known as "fairy mountain charm, God's garden". It is rich in animal and plant resources, known as the "natural animal and Botanical Garden" in North China. The path in the mountain is winding and secluded, and the ancient trees on both sides are towering into the clouds, shuttling through the forest, and even the air becomes extremely fresh~

The most peculiar landscape of Baihua Mountain is to watch the sea of clouds at the top of the mountain. Sometimes it is thick; sometimes it is floating, or turning or surging, or running or pouring. It is like a painting scroll of ink and painting. When you are in it, you can feel as if you are beautiful.

Address: Baihuashan forest farm, Qingshui Town, Mentougou, Beijing

These three mountains are really beautiful and low-key. I am already excited and attracted. What about you? Which one do you want to pick after the epidemic?


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