Hot wire! The second phase of the city's only hilly forest park will be completed within the year


Hot wire!!! In Qinglonghu Town, Fangshan District, the second phase of Qinglonghu Park, which covers an area of 7050 mu, will be completed within the year and will form a large park with an area of nearly 10 square kilometers together with the first phase of the park.

Qinglong Lake Forest Park, a large-scale ecological barrier and natural recreation area in southwest Beijing, is the first and the only hilly forest park in the city. In the park, the vegetation is flourishing and wild. The road rises and falls with the hilly terrain. The jogging road winds into the distance. The lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds, just like a beautiful landscape painting.

According to the introduction, the overall actual investment in the park is 1.189 billion yuan. It has planted more than 100 kinds of trees and shrubs, 830000 trees, 790000 square meters of ground cover, 80 supporting facilities, and 117 kilometers of roads in the park. Many tourists have praised it as "the most beautiful hilly forest park" and "the best place to enjoy the moon".

During the design and construction of the park, the three principles of sustainability, landscape and ecology are closely followed. The upstream water conservation area and Qinglonghu reservoir of Qinglonghu town are included in the effective protection scope, and the ecological elements such as mountains, water, forest, field and lake are fully integrated.

The first phase focuses on the construction of "one belt and five parks", namely, mountain view belt, hilly arboretum, creative valley park, forest sea fitness park, Valley Leisure Park, and mountain dwelling experience park.

The second phase focuses on the construction of "one park and three areas", namely mountain fitness Park, valley culture area, steep mountain forest tending area and hilly forest land tourist area, forming the overall layout of "taking forest as the base, mountains as the vein, rivers and lakes embracing each other, and multiple parks reflecting each other".

When you enter Qinglong Lake Forest Park, you will be amazed by the poetic beauty. Next, let's have a look at how beautiful it is in the camera of photographers.

Adhering to the high-end positioning and driving the ecology with a large park, the Qinglong Lake Forest Park is not an ordinary Park, but a model of ecological civilization, and also a model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The completion of the second phase of Qinglong Lake Park will provide another good place for people to have leisure and entertainment. Let's look forward to it.


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