There is a cool valley in Beijing, where you can not only enjoy the mountains and rivers, but also have a leisurely summer vacation


In the hot summer, the first thing people think of is to go to the seaside to play with water. However, I'm afraid those who have been there won't go again. The experience of sunburning is unforgettable. The cool valley deep in Yanshan mountain is a good place to visit with mountains and water to play with. And the journey is also very convenient: search Beijing Miyun Qianglianggu (Cool valley) scenic spot through Amap. It only takes about one hour to get there from the city of Beijing.

Qinglianggu scenic area is located in Miyun mountainous area of Beijing. Its natural landscape is famous for a long time. In recent years, many new projects and new ways of playing have been added. The "shattering glass" overpass is more than 200 meters long, which is built of reinforced glass and steel structure. The section of glass that will be "broken" has always been a favorite experience project for tourists. On the canyon, every step of breaking is accompanied by every scream, leaving a deep impression.

The glass plank road is built on the cliff of "Jiuchongtian" like a dragon hovering there. Some places are as far as 5 meters away from the cliff, overhanging in the air. When you walk on this breathtaking glass viewing platform, you can see the mountains and rivers at a glance. It seems that you are walking in the air and standing in front of the abyss, shocking.

There is a magnificent and magical crystal Great Wall flying on the mountain top of Qinglianggu Valley. During the day, it glitters on the ridge, at night it meanders like a magic crystal corridor. The crystal Great Wall is more towering and spectacular against the blue sky. At present, there are no comparable crystal Great Wall in China and even in the world.

The crystal Great Wall is a favorite place for young people. Here you can express your love to your partner and let heaven and earth witness your eternal love. You can also walk on the glass bridge between heaven and earth hand in hand, and enjoy the romance of a Cowherd and Weaver Girl meeting on the top of Yanshan mountain.

The colorful slideway is dazzling. What I want to remind you is: be sure to put down your valuables, because you will be wet –and totally wet!

After the passion, you need to relax. Among green mountains and rivers, have a chat in groups. Your laughter will drift afar in the valley. Who can let go of this pleasant space?

Drifting down the river is the most beautiful and classic mountain scenery of Qinglianggu Valley. There are towering green trees and gurgling streams. Here, you can look up at the blue sky and white clouds, overlook the green mountains and waters, and walk down the plank road, enjoying the mountain breeze and the beautiful scenery, which is almost the most beautiful moment in this journey.

Qinglianggu valley also has a dream glass maze. Inside, the starry sky is bright, mysterious and romantic. The gloomy fear of the abyss, the visual effect of the time tunnel and the difficulty of finding directions in the maze will bring you unforgettable fun.


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