Free Admission! There is a European style park in Beijing, which seems to be in ancient Rome


When summer comes, it's a great way for us to enjoy life in the park. In Rending Lake Park, at this time, there are lush green trees and rippling green waves. This hidden park near the residential area is rarely known, but it has an amazing European style.

Beautiful European gardens, forests, grasslands, and fountains are full of charm. There are many sculptures in the garden, which seems to show the history of Western sculpture. There is also the world garden history scenic spot, which shows us the history of the world garden.

Grass, sculptures, walls, and squares make people feel like Rome, full of European style.

According to the old people who live here, it used to be a wasteland with lots of weeds. Although the lake is larger than now, there are only weeping willows by the lake. In today's south gate, there are many trees, pine trees, cypress trees, birches. This is the cool place for nearby residents to spend the summer.

In 1958, the government began to build the park, and it was completed in June 1996, with a span of nearly 40 years. The park, which has been accompanied by generations of people, has finally become such a beautiful place today. It is quietly hidden in a narrow lane.There are breakfast shops in the alley, as well as a variety of grocery and vegetable stalls. The aroma of delicious food covers up the blooming rose flowers at the gate of the park.

The layout of the park is roughly divided into two parts. The most prominent part of the north part is a group of sculptures to give people upward power. It is surrounded by fragrant flowers. When the flowers bloom, the garden is full of fragrance. The lakeside is a fitness and entertainment place for the surrounding residents. There is a walking path of one kilometer long along the lake. You can stroll in the world full of birds and flowers. You can also enjoy the fountain, bird island and blooming lotus in the lake.

Further south, there are tall reeds growing by the lake, and there are wild ducks in the reeds. Further south, you will arrive at the southern half of the park, where the landscape should be rich and wonderful; this is a 3000-square meter European garden, surrounded by dozens of fountains, similar to the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg in Russia or Vienna in Austria.The world garden history scenic spot, as well as the nearby garden of Eden, gather the customs of all over the world.

At the same time, it is also a good place to enjoy flowers. There are flowers in the park in three seasons, which makes the park always fragrant and intoxicating.


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