There are lakes, flowers and beaches. Beijing's free big park is next to the subway station


In July, Beijing is sunny and sultry in summer, which makes people feel a little restless. How to extinguish the fire in your heart? It must be to visit a beautiful lake. In south of Beijing, there is a large park. Since its opening in 2011, it has been open to tourists for free.

On the north side of the sixth South Ring Road in Beijing, there is a place called "Niantan Park", which is next to the "Yihezhuang" station of Metro Line 4. The biggest feature of the park is its large water area, which covers an area of 2500 mu. The water area has reached 700 mu, accounting for almost one third of the whole park.

Every season, there are different sceneries in the park. In spring, there are hundreds of flowers in full bloom. In summer, there are green lakes rippling to the breeze. In autumn, there are golden leaves. In winter, there are white snowflakes. Although the evaluation of tourists is different, almost everyone from south of Beijing city has come here. This park has also become a landmark park.

Driving about 30 kilometers from the city to the south, you can get to the front gate of the park. Usually, it's better to park here. There's a free parking lot, and the park is also a free park. A large number of green plants are planted in the park. When you enter the park, you can see a large area of water and children's amusement facilities, suitable for all ages. In addition, there are lakes, bridges and footpaths. If spring comes, there will be flowers and grass.

On the south side of the park, there is a small beach area where children can play, but during the outbreak, the fence was set up and it was not opened. Since the water area of the park is large, of course, there is no lack of fun by rowing a boat. You can enjoy all the beautiful scenery on the boat; when you are tired, you can also take a walk in the park to see the trees, streams and other landscapes.

In a word, the park is a good place for children with small bridges, flowing water, full of culture and sculpture, many lakes, various green plants and flowers. Self-driving friends can directly navigate "Niantan Park"; if you take public transport, transfer to Metro Line 4 to get off at "Yihezhuang" station, exit D, and walk 500 meters to get there.


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