Nangong Wuzhou plant park


This time, the parrot garden is open. Here are green plants, colorful flowers, and oxygen rich air. Under hundreds of trees, there are nearly 30 kinds of children's amusement facilities. This is Nangong Wuzhou plant park.

In summer, you can enjoy the coolness here, see strange flowers and grass, feel the green surroundings and fresh air, reach parrots in close contact, and release your energy in the playground.

The park covers an area of 260 mu, including bird island, science popularization square, pigeon square and Nanyuangong park. Tourists can enjoy different flowers in the four seasons.

The park features green ecological environment, fitness development facilities, and parent-child interaction activities, and creates a green and healthy ecological environment and unique ecological entertainment space.

Nangongyuan park is a park in classical garden type, where you can feel the beauty of classical gardens and put yourself in a real ecological green atmosphere. In addition, you can row a boat to pick up duck eggs, fish, set up a camp and so on here. There are countless interesting activities for you.

Do children want to experience their parents' childhood? You can also experience unique childhood fun here. You can also set up a tent in the forest, spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy this rare leisure time!

A plant park with constant temperature all year around

This is a natural oxygen bar with green and healthy ecological environment, unique ecological entertainment space and ecological planting and entertainment facilities. The temperature of the park is constant, with birds singing and flowers blooming everywhere, full of vitality. No matter when, the season here is always fixed in "spring"!

Parrot park is a veritable "parrot paradise". There are nearly 100 kinds of beautiful parrots living here. In this evergreen jungle, you can have a close contact with them. There are many small animals in the pet park, such as alpacas, peacocks, cattle, horses, etc., as well as kittens and puppies, which are lovely and adorable.

Through the use of lighting and sound effects, the Museum of Natural Art makes all kinds of animal specimens living in forest, jungle, wetland and grassland alive and vivid. Travel freely among nature, art and science to experience the kingdom of life on the plateau!

An amusement park hidden in the jungle

The Greenhouse park is an indoor parent-child theme amusement park, with 20000 square meters of lush flowers and trees. The air is very fresh and cool. Enjoying those strange and unique mountains and hills make you feel like walking in the paradise. With the fun entertainment facilities, the amusement area hidden in the jungle is full of fun activities and the laughter spread out from the jungle.

Business Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 9:30-18:00

Friday and Saturday: 9:30-21:00

Address: The World Geothermal Natural Science Park, No.1, Nangong Yingbin Road,, Fengtai District, Beijing


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