Haidian District has added 5 new parks. Where are they?


1. Green space Park of Weikai residential area

The park is located in Shangzhuang Town, next to Shayang road in the south. "Mountain, forest and field" is not only the geomorphic characteristics of Shangzhuang Town, but also the environmental memory of the residents around the park. Therefore, in the construction of the park, this regional culture is specially integrated.

The construction area of the park is 37.18 mu, with activity area, theme culture area, basketball court, comprehensive activity field and resting area. The park not only acts as a large oxygen bar for the surrounding residents, but also provides a rich space for fitness activities.

2. Green space park on the south side of Fushi Road

The park is located in the west of Dinghui bridge and the south of Fushi road. It is divided into two areas: the east and the west. The west area has been opened, and the east area has not yet been opened. The park covers an area of 57.88 mu, with leisure square, children's playground, healthy footpath and other functional spaces

3. Zhongguancun West District block Park

With a construction area of 56.59 mu, the park is located in the core area of the West District of Zhongguancun. It is divided by Haidian Street and Haidian middle street into four green areas, i.e. east, west, south and north. The renovation of the park mainly organizes the existing plants, optimizes the site structure and increases the green plants... The main characteristics of the park are the planting of more than 70 North American crabapple trees, which are beautiful in shape and rich in color, and can be seen in spring, leaves in summer and autumn, and fruits in winter~

In addition, the park also planted flowers and ornamental grass, especially beautiful against the blue sky~

4. Shucun Country Park

The park covers an area of 747.15 mu, which is composed of five independent areas, each with its own characteristics, and is one of the important projects in Haidian District. There are pavilions, lakes, plank roads, flower fields, paths, weeping willows everywhere

The park not only uses recycled materials to build an environmental protection park, but also transforms the original abandoned pond into a plank road area, and builds a children's paradise and ball games field to meet the fitness needs of different groups of people.

A lot of trees are planted in the whole park, which makes the park full of negative oxygen ions.

5. Pocket park of the high school affiliated to Capital Normal University

The park is located in Haidian District, with a construction area of 4.9 mu. It is characterized by a main road, a main square and two open spaces. The main square of the park combines with the flower pool to plant rich flowers and ornamental grasses to provide people with places for viewing and popular science knowledge. Two rest spaces are built along the road for residents to stay and have a rest.


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