Fangshan District: These seven free parks are worth visiting


1. Niukouyu Wetland Park

There is a park in Beijing, which is bigger than Yuyuantan Wetland Park and more interesting than Nanhaizi park. It is Niukouyu Wetland Park which has been opened to tourists in recent years. When you have time, you can go and visit it. Among the vast reed ponds, the wild natural water lanes form a quiet and peaceful place.

2. Fangshan Binshui Forest Park

The forest park, taking Xiaoqing river and dumb Yaba river as the skeleton and the Youth Park, wetland park and Fangshan Park as the nodes, outlines the planning concept of "taking green as the God, water as the soul, people-oriented and natural ecology", and highlights the natural ecological landscape with forest and water combing together. Stroll in the courtyard, have a rest in the countryside, see the reed swaying in the wind, appreciate the unique charm of the lotus, breathing the fresh air and smell the fragrance. Such a picturesque scenery make visitors fascinated.

3. Baishuisi Forest Park

Baishuisi Forest Park is located in the hinterland of Fangshan District. There are three giant stone Buddhas in the temple, so it is also known as the Great Buddha Temple. Baishui temple was founded in an unknown time. Now there are only stone pavilions, stone Buddhas and stone pagodas. Now Baishuisi Forest Park has begun to take shape, with continuous mountains, deep valleys, abrupt stones and clear streams. Each has its features.

4. Fangshan Honglingjin Park

There is a water landscape wetland in the garden, and the famous Fangshan Dashi river flows through here. In the past, there were many rubbles and weeds, and garbage piled up here. Only by harnessing can it become what it looks like today. On both sides of the river bank are greens like green carpets, and the water in the river is luxuriant in various plants and animals. The wooden bridge adds some artificial scenery to the park, and the pavilion in the flowers opposite creates a comfortable place for people to rest. It's close to the water, so it's very suitable for enjoy flowers in hot summer. There are many beautiful lotus flowers here in summer.

5. Fangshan Changgou Wetland Park

The wetland in the park is made up of spring collected by underground water in Taihang mountain area of Haihe River Basin, including fresh water spring, permanent river, permanent fresh water lake, herb swamp, reservoir pond, paddy field and other wetland types. The wetland park is composed of clear spring water, the quality of which meets the national standard for drinking water. More than 10000 spring holes are continuously spouting and gushing all the year round, with a constant temperature of 16℃ all the year round and an annual flow of nearly 20 million cubic meters of water. It is a national wetland park integrating the protection of fresh spring water resources, the protection and restoration of wetland ecosystem, popular science education, leisure and sightseeing.

6. Yanshan Park

Yanshan park is located in the center of Yanshan, where there is a small mountain. It was built in 1979. It is a large-scale regional and comprehensive park with a total area of 16 hectares. The park is built on the rolling natural terrain, reflecting the gardening style of Chinese natural gardens.

There are more than 80 kinds of trees and shrubs in the garden. There are different sizes and shapes of granite in the garden, which forms a unique landscape.

Over the years, with its beautiful landscape, complete service functions, good order of garden tour, outstanding park features and high cultural orientation, it has become a place for leisure, viewing, fitness and entertainment.

7. Qinglong Lake Forest Park

Qinglong Lake Forest Park is surrounded by water and sky. It is the city's first hilly forest park, a large-scale ecological barrier and natural resting place in southwest Beijing. It is located in the hilly area in the middle of Qinglonghu Town, Fangshan, with superior geographical position. It is 25km away from the central urban area of Beijing, close to the Sixth Ring Road and Beijing-Kunming expressway. It is very convenient to drive there or take a bus.


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