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Take your family on a picnic. These treasure parks must not be missed


1. Grand Canal Forest Park

The park is an open park with a large area. There are many scenic spots in the park, each with its own characteristics. There are more than 100 varieties of plants such as arbors, shrubs, flowers and grasses planted in the park, providing nesting places for different birds.

If you want to set up a tent, hammock or picnic, please enter from the north gate. Within walking distance, there is a forest and grassland suitable for picnic, which is also the tent area opened by the park.

Although the flowers in spring have withered, the flowers in summer are flourishing again. The whole park is full of sweet taste. Walking in the park, you can get rid of a week's fatigue.

The water surface of the park is open. It is divided into East Park and West Park. It's about 20 kilometers along the track. It's very suitable for cycling. On the edge of the open water is a lawn, which is very suitable for flying kites. In addition to the natural scenery, there is a small children's park in the park. There are carousels, small trains and other charging game items. It's not big, but it's enough for the children to play.

2. Eastern Suburb Wetland Park

The Eastern Suburb Wetland Park is located at the junction of Tongzhou, Shunyi and Chaoyang districts, so it's very convenient for mothers in these three districts to come here. The park has four gates respectively in the south, east, north, and west. It is recommended to enter the park through the west gate. Not far from the west gate, there is a man-made beach on the left side, which is suitable for children to play.

In general, this wetland park is really a "treasure". Why? There is a 7.7-kilometer bike path and a forest bike path in the park. On the two sides are mainly tall trees with a width of about 3 meters. Whether you are going there for running or cycling, it's very suitable. It's absolutely not affected by the direct sunlight.

The management of the park is very good. There is no garbage at all. There are many washrooms and rest chairs all over the park. The park also opened a tent picnic area. If you quiet places, please walk to the east bank patiently. We need to remind you that after the picnic, please clean up the garbage and the fire is forbidden here!

3. Baihewan Park

There are magnificent mountains and soft water. When the rainy season comes in summer, it's a fairyland. Moreover, the air quality is the best in Beijing. This is a forest oxygen bar, a summer resort. I need to remind you that you need to bring a thin coat to play here. Even in summer, it's still cool in the evening.

It is convenient to park in the Baihewan Park, which is an original ecological scenic spot. If you don't want to have a picnic, you can dine in the restaurant.

4. Dongfeng Park

Dongfeng Park is not big, but it has its own characteristics. First, the garden is well trimmed; second, you can feel freedom here.

There is also a lot of space for picnics.

5. Lianshi Lake County Park

There is a large lake in Lianshi Lake County Park. The widest part of the lake is 500 meters, with an area of 1.02 million square meters. The vision is very wide. Every time a reporter goes to play with a friend, he will come here to relax.

The parking lot in the park is so large that you don't have to worry about parking at all. The park also has bicycle rental service and a special bicycle lane, by which can enjoy the whole water area of the park. We need to remind you that during the outbreak, only the eastern region is open.

The park is perfect for picnics, with lots of shade and flat ground, not far from the water.

You can also fly kites in the park and there is also a children's Park, which is small but enough.

6. Qiwutan Park

Qiwutan park is one of the reporters' favorite parks. It is also a park suitable for taking photos. There are lakes, black swans, wild ducks and other lovely waterfowls in the park, as well as many super exquisite sceneries. Especially when flowers are in full bloom, it is like a fairyland.

There is also an old waterwheel in the park. Every time I see it, the reporter feels like reaching a small town in the south. If you want to climb to a higher place, you can visit the Wangyuan tower.

This park is really like a fairyland. At first glance, it's not very big. When I walk in it, I find everything. It takes about three hours to stroll the park.

There are many places to sit and rest in the park. Bring delicious food and enjoy the exquisite landscape.


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