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These city parks let you feel the ultimate enjoyment


1. Ancient town of Deming, Shijiazhuang

Located in the west of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, the ancient town of Deming is a featured town with the theme of “Yuan Qu” culture. The town is built among mountains and rivers. The small bridges and waterside pavilions are exquisitely designed, simple and elegant. When night falls, the town with lights is more unique.

Address: Luquan District, Shijiazhuang

2. Lianxiang Taihang WTown, Baoding

Taihang wtown is located in Yixian County, Baoding. It has a beautiful Yishui lake. It is adjacent to the Qingxiling in the north and Langya Mountain in the south. There are blue bricks, red tiles and loess walls. There are countless mountains in the distance, just like the ink paintings by painters.

Address: Angezhuang Township, Yi County, Baoding City, Hebei Province

3. Chengde Summer Resort

Summer Resort is the largest classical Royal Garden in China, and also one of the most typical palaces in existence. The general layout of Summer Resort can be basically divided into palace area and garden forest area. The Zhenggong is the main building in the palace area. It covers an area of 10000 square meters. The signboard written by Emperor Kangxi himself was hung on the door of Zhenggong. The Summer Palace is a combination of elegant garden and temple beauty. It covers an area as big as two Summer Palace and eight Beihai parks. It's cool in summer and the scenery is first-class.

Address: Bakeshiying Town, Luanping county, Chengde City

4. Tangshan Nanhu Park

Nanhu Park is located in the south of the city center, only 1km away from the city center. It is the core area of Nanhu ecological city. It is a large-scale central ecological park integrating natural ecology, historical culture and modern culture. Lake water, green land, urban forest, flowers and plants have become a natural ecological landscape, which is very enjoyable.

Address: Intersection of Xinyue road and Xueyuan Road, Lunan District, Tangshan City

Of course, I still need to remind you that the epidemic is not over and that remember not to gather, and do a good job in personal protection. Only in this way can you have a great time.


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