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Yishui Lake scenic area tour guide! Beautiful scenery, delicious food, travel...


Yishui Lake is located 25 kilometers southwest of Yicheng County. It is an artificial lake built in 1958 with the surrounding mountains. The lake covers an area of 27 square kilometers with a capacity of 3.96 billion cubic meters and the deepest place reaches 48.5 meters. The water quality reaches the national secondary drinking water standard. Yishui Lake, with magnificent mountains, clean air, clear water and flourishing trees, is a wonderful place for leisure and tourism. There are all kinds of eating, drinking and playing here.

The business street is located in the Jinpo Wharf of Yishui Lake. Tea houses, shopping malls, specialty snacks and specialty handicraft shops are distributed on this street. You can enjoy your time on this street by tasting snacks and selecting small gifts.

You can't miss the delicious food here. The restaurant, Wuweishifang, can accommodate more than 200 people to eat at the same time. There are also a variety of packages, which is the first choice for family dinner. While eating delicious food, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, take a luxury yacht tour. The yacht rushes forward causing some sprays on the lake. The laughters of visitors on the yacht float to the distance with the lake water.

No matter old people or children can walk around Laozi peak plank road, effortless. Observation platforms and rest areas are set up at the best scenic spot along the way, where visitors can have a panoramic view of the whole lake. You can walk and the stop to have a rest all the way, leaving all the troubles behind.

There is also a mini sunshine beach. It's free. It's definitely a children's paradise. You can enjoy all kinds of delicious food in the restaurant transformed from a container.

Self-driving route

Line 1: Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway; Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang (Langzhuo) Expressway westward; exit at Qingxiling (Western Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty); westward 12 kilometers

Line 2: Beijing-Kunming Expressway; Zhangjaikou-Shijiazhuang(Langzhuo) Expressway westward; exit at Qingxiling (Western Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty); westward 12 kilometers

How does it sound? Are you excited? After the epidemic, quickly pack up your suitcase and go!


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