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Beijing's most "popular" park, with an area of 556 times larger than that of Tian'anmen


The most popular activity of spring outing is just picnic. It is not easy to choose a park with beautiful scenery and wide vision for picnic. In Beijing, there is such a park that meets the requirements. It is not only suitable for picnics, but also has its own characteristics. It has become the first choice of tourists. Next, let's take a look at the park!

The scenery of the park is needless to praise. As long as the person comes from Beijing, when he/she hears the name of the park, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "big". How big is the park? According to relevant information, the total area can reach 267 hectares, equivalent to 556 Tiananmen! It is the Beijing Garden Expo Park, 26 kilometers away from Tiananmen, located in the Fengtai District, Beijing.

The Beijing Garden in the Beijing Garden Expo Park is the first scenic spot recommended by the reporter. Beijing garden has a variety of distinctive landscapes with different styles, such as classical and noble ancient buildings and elegant royal gardens, which can greatly meet the needs of tourists with different tastes.

In addition, you can also see many young friends, bringing professional shooting team, to leave a beautiful moment here.

Before the construction of Beijing Garden Expo Park, it was only a piece of waste land.

But now, this wasteland has created infinite miracles. You can see the world's top culture of gardening, countless layers of flowers like waterfalls, and the lawn designed into a castle building… In addition, standing at the top of service area 3, you can have a panoramic view of the whole park, bringing you a different viewing experience.

Every weekend, you can see an endless stream of pedestrians playing here. With a low ticket fee of only 20 yuan, you can visit this charming park. Children can even enter it for free. It's absolutely worth more than the price. It can be said as the most "popular" park in Beijing. So, don’t hesitate. You’d better hurry up and take actions.


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