A new member of lemur family was born in Beijing Wildlife Park


The reporter learned from Beijing Wildlife Park that 18 lemur babies have been added to the "Madagascar jungle" scenic spot recently, including 5 pairs of twins. Now the oldest one is two months old and the youngest one is just one month old. The "Madagascar jungle", which is popular with tourists at ordinary times, has added a lot of fun because of the baby lemurs.

Before they are one month old, these lemur babies will cling to their mother's stomach and back. No matter how the mother jumps, the lemur babies will not let go and fall down. Tourists need to look carefully to see them. The park staff said that the lemur babies can come down from their mothers and explore the unknown world by themselves, but they will not leave their mothers too far, or they will not find their mothers.

The Beijing Wildlife Park reopened in late March. The reporter learned that in order to prevent and control the epidemic situation during the May Day holiday and ensure the health and safety of tourists, Beijing Wildlife Park has used the way of booking real name tickets on the Internet, with a daily limit of 15000 people. Among them, the self-driving tourism area sold 3000 tickets a day to ensure that tourists did not gather. The bus, train and other equipment and facilities in the park are disinfected after one batch of tourists. The restaurant in the park will restore the food service in the hall, but it is required to take separate seats and keep enough distance. At present, the park has set up "one meter line" in key areas to prevent tourists from gathering, and arranged staff for continuous inspection. The epidemic prevention and control propaganda are broadcast continuously in the park to do a good job in reminding tourists.


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