Three canola flower gardens in Beijing, few people, beautiful scenery, free


Spring is about to go far; summer wind brings a new round of flower watching activities. Among flowers, only the canola flowers are blooming brilliantly, and the golden one is setting off the time of midsummer. At the beginning of May, the canola flowers in Beijing are blooming. You can feel the charm of the flower sea here without going to Wuyuan which is famous for its canola flower scenery.

I've also introduced many good places to enjoy canola flowers before. Today we're going to explore several conola flower fields in the north of Beijing. They are located in Shunyi District and suitable for friends in the north of Beijing to visit.

Liwei Road, Beixiaoying Town

While there is no charge for the expressway, drive to find the most beautiful scenery in the capital. This canola flower sea is located in Liwei Road, Beixiaoying Town, where there is an endless, golden canola flower sea. Here, you can have a close contact with the flower. Standing quietly in the middle of the field, you can hear the hum of bees. Going deep, you can also surprise to find a purple orchid. If you want to go to places with beautiful scenery and few tourists, this place is definitely your first choice. Detailed address can be navigated: Bayou whole house custom furniture.

Xingnongtianli Agricultural Park

Beijing Xingnongtianli agricultural park is located in Shunyi district. At this time, the 800 mu of canola flowers have shown a brilliant flower sea landscape, attracting the surrounding residents to come to enjoy the flowers and take photos. In the field of flowers, the fragrance is overflowing. Bees and butterflies are dancing, which is intoxicating. People in groups, running and jumping, just like a golden picture. The flowering period here lasts about half a month. During the May Day holiday, there are not many tourists, so it's suitable for watching. Detailed address can be navigated: Xingnongtianli agricultural park, Shunyi district.

Loutai village, Tianzhu town

The inner city's scenic spots are crowded with people. It's better to go to Loutai village in Shunyi to see the canola flowers. The parking and viewing here are free. There are few people and cars, and the scenery is pleasant. The canola flower field in Loutai village is located on the bank of Wenyu River, north of Gelasi road, close to the airport expressway. It is the closest and largest canola flower sea to the sub center of Beijing city. Every May, the thousands of acres of canola flowers here are blooming, and the fragrance of the flowers is elegant. In a moment, thoughts and feelings are filled with gold flowers. While enjoying the flowers, you can also see the plane from the airport and together with the golden sea of flowers to build a beautiful spring view. Detailed address can be navigated: canola flower field, Loutai village


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